Anonymous said: Are you going to MiraiCon this year?

Hello anon! 
Sorry for the late reply! Unfortunately, Ichigo Latte was not able to attend MiraiCon this year because of prior engagements. Check out our facebook page for updates + events because we are most active there! ouo/ The head maids are working hard to attend a lot of events in 2015, and we will be sure to keep everyone updated. We will also be attending events in Philly unofficially (with no table or cafe) as a group for cafe bonding time, so if you see us come say hello!

♥Maid Wren


Ichigo Latte Crowd Funding!

Hello lovely guests, fans, and friends of the maids & butlers of Ichigo Latte! We have started an indiegogo campaign to raise the money necessary for improving our cafe and participating in more events this year; not just as a cafe but as a panel and art table, too!

Even 1 dollar will help! We have a lot of perks for you guys and we will be posting pictures of our buttons and prints on our facebook page and here soon! What we need to buy is outlined on the indiegogo page.

If you cannot donate, please just share! Anything will really help, even if it’s just getting the word out there!

We look forward to getting to know more people in the anime community this year and in the future! We’re hoping to get even more involved and make more friends! ありがとう ございます! ヽ(^0^)

♥Maid Wren


Anonymous said: Does this cafe have a location or is it strictly a traveling cafe?

Hello Anon!

At the moment, we are strictly a traveling cafe due to budget constraints. Unfortunately, we do not have a specific location where we serve. However, we are currently looking into specific venues that we can frequently hold Ichigo Latte events. We will release further updates this year!



Hello everyone! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Maid Wren here! For any of our lovely guests who attended the Moonstar Canopy Forest this year, I would love if you can send us any comments, critiques, suggestions, etc. into our ask box! Please let me know if you do not want them published. 

Also, for anyone who has played the Anime Guess Who? game (where you act out the characters on cards you draw), if you have suggestions for more characters, please submit them! We’re always looking to add to the game.

Goodnight lovely people! We hope to continue to make you all feel at home (。┰ω┰。).